…with Burlesque 5 à 7

Grab a drink and join us for a very special seasonal 5 à 7 – in two parts! Free to enjoy – tipping/donations are encouraged, and go directly to support our performers.

Part One

Part Two

Halloween is our very favourite time of year, so we’ve decided to play Great Pumpkin and gift you lovely folks with not one but *two* seasonal 5a7s!

These are different from our regular full-scale burlesque productions – more of a mini variety show, featuring burlesque, go-go ghouls, seasonal cocktail recipes, and more. Both shows are free to enjoy – tipping and donations are greatly appreciated! Your donations help support our performers and allow us to keep doing what we do 🙂

You can send tips/donations via e-transfer or paypal to: burlesque5a7@gmail.com

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