About Burlesque 5 à 7

Burlesque 5 à 7 is on a mission – to spread the distinctly Québécois concept of the “5 à 7” to the world!

So what is a 5 à 7?

Taken literally, the term refers to social activities taking place after work, but over in time to return home for supper – for which the ideal time-frame is generally agreed to be between 5pm-7pm. A 5 à 7 usually involves cocktails, and often snacks, and its’ closest equivalent in English is “Happy Hour.”

Culturally, a 5 à 7 is a social gathering, a bringing together of friends and colleagues and strangers, sometimes organized around a specific event, celebration or spectacle. …However in France, the term refers to the ideal time for a tryst, to visit one’s mistress, or otherwise partake in an intimate liaison!

And so what is Burlesque 5 à 7?  Burlesque 5 à 7 brings you decadent, vintage-inspired burlesque entertainment in the comfort of your own home with our virtual productions.

Whatever the time of day, we encourage you to Make Any Hour a Happy Hour… So grab a cocktail (or another beverage of your choice!) and join us for one of our glamorous, online, burlesque shows!

(please email with any inquiries, burlesque5a7@gmail.com)

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What exactly is a 5 à 7? We put together this little video to explain the basics!

How Does it Work?

Burlesque 5 à 7 produces themed burlesque revues – including productions from guest producers. Each new show first premieres to ticketholders – tickets are available in advance via Eventbrite, and are by donation. The premiere will begin on a Thursday at 5pm EST, and ticketholders then have all weekend long to enjoy the show. (Until 7pm EST on the following Sunday.)

Sometime aprox. 3-4 weeks after the premiere, the show becomes available on-demand – right here at burlesque5a7.com! Productions stay available on demand for several months – but not forever, so be sure to watch while you can! Be sure to check out our “Burlesque On Demand” page for available shows and more information.

Why Burlesque Online?

Burlesque 5 à 7 was founded in direct response to the covid-19 pandemic, which meant the sudden loss of income/employment for most performing artists. We wanted to create new opportunities for performers to be able to participate in their art-form while stages were closed. And we wanted to capture the glamour of in-person burlesque performance – but bring it to our lovely audience members without putting them or the performers at risk. Even now as some limited live entertainment is resuming, we believe that it is vital to provide entertainment options for folks who don’t want to – or are unable to – take those risks. Our productions are available worldwide – an amazing chance to see performers who you may never have the chance to see perform live in person! And who doesn’t benefit from being able to access world-class entertainment without leaving the house?

Burlesque 5 à 7 is truly a labour of love – we do not profit from any of our productions, and all proceeds are split evenly between the performers. We see this as a way for performers and audiences to continue to interact in new ways, while keeping all parties involved safe. And we are so excited to explore these new avenues with you!

…Wherever in the world you are located, Burlesque 5 à 7 is here to bring you glamorous burlesque entertainment – right in the comfort of your own home!

We hope that you’ll grab a drink (any kind of drink!) and join us.


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